Firehouse Kitchen . . .

This isn't your ordinary cooking show. Each week Retired FDNY FireFighter Ray Cooney, Host of Firehouse Kitchen visits firehouses across the country, sharing recipes and stories of heroism with local Firefighters. Ray has combined his love and passion for food and his fellow firefighters together in this series taking you into the lives of firefighters, their mastery of culinary arts and heroic lifestyle. One of the first ever cooking programs centered around the incredible food creations of the firefighter. With over 2+ million firefighters in America, the result is a brand new form of cooking entertainment. The creators of the show bring great food, fun and fire safety tips to the screen all in support of Friends of Firefighters, & local burn centers.


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Firehouse Kitchen

Season 2 - Episode 2

Firefighter Ray back in his home town firehouse in Bayport Long Island. Cooking with his father in law Anthony. Learning a Italian cooking and stories of growing up in Brooklyn.

Firehouse Kitchen

Season 2 - Episode 1

Firefighter Ray is cooking with FDNY Paul Fazio from Ladder 127. Hey that's where Firefighter Ray worked. Cooking fish and having some laughs.

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